Jai Bharati Vande Bharati

।। जय भारती, वंदे भारती ।। सर पे हिमालय का छत्र है चरणों में नदियाँ एकत्र है हाथों में वेदों के पत्र हैं ऐऽऽऽ देश नही ऐसा अन्यत्र है।। धुऐं से पावन ये व्योम हैं घर-घर में होता जहाँ होम हैं पुलकित हमारे रोम-रोम हैं आदि-अनादि शब्द ओम है।। जिस भूमि पे जन्म लिया राम नें गीता सुनाई जहाँ श्याम नें पावन बनाया चारों धाम नें स्वर्ग भी लजाये जिसके सामने।।

Lata ji's message in her own words on the occasion of the 64th Independence Day on 15th August 2012

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"Namaskar. Aaj hamare mahaan desh ka 64th Swatantrata Diwas hai; jiski main aap sab ko bahut, bahut badhaai deti hoon. Hamara desh aur samaaj ek bahut hi vikat aur vichitra daur se guzar raha hai; par mujhe asha hai ki janata avashya kuchh karegi aur hamare desh mein ek sundar aur swasth samaaj ka nirmaan hoga; toh, main aapke saath mera ek gaaya hua rashtriya bhavna ka geet share karti hoon, jise Shri Bharat Vyas ne likha hai aur Shri Avinash Vyas ne compose kiya hai. Yeh gaana originally 'Adi Sankaracharya' film ke liye banaya tha, aur mujhe yeh gaana itna pasand aaya ki maine ise baad mein record kiya. Mujhe asha hai ki yeh aapko bhi pasand aayega."

Monday, October 17, 2016

Collection of Live concerts of Lata Mangeshkar 10-18

The Queen in Concert | Lata Mangeshkar | Full HD Video 10-18

This is a tribute to Lata Mangehskar with guest performances of several artist as Sudesh Bhonsle, sp balasubramaniam and Usha Mangehskar. Also some Bollywood stars paying tribute: Dillip Kumar, Jacky Shroff, Dimple Kapadia, Madhuri Dixit and so on.

Shradhanjali Lata Mangeshkar Live in concert Part 1 10-18

Rare radio interview of Lata Mangeshkar on Vividh Bharati 10-17

Sunday, September 25, 2016


Close to my heart is a live concert where Jagjit Singh for a change sings film songs. old and famous songs of Hemanth Kumar, Mukesh, Talat Mahmood, Kishore Kumar, Geeta Dutt and others in his inimitable style and his silky voice.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lata Mangeshkar In Conversation with Manek Premchand 09-24

100 Minutes with Lata Mangeshkar! Done with Manek Premchand of WorldSpace Satellite Radio. 
This interview was done a few years ago just prior to the sudden shut down of WorldSpace Satellite Radio. As such it remained unpublished. We have added the legend's video songs to give this conversation an audio-visual feel.

Thursday, February 25, 2016



Album liner notes:

The 103-year-old Royal Albert Hall in London -- Britain's most prestigious auditorium with a seating capacity for 6000 -- witnessed a musical phenomenon unequalled in its hallowed history when the inimitable Lata Mangeshkar made her international "debut" on its august stage with a series of three concerts in the aid of the Nehru Memorial Project in Britain in March 1974.

Seldom, indeed, has the hall been booked for a single recitalist three times in one week. What, however, made the event equally unique was to have the hall packed by an oriental artiste for all three nights -- and something more. For even after the intermission on the final night (March 14), there still were crowds willing to pay double the highest price for admission to the hall!

Inside the hall, Lata, the cynosure of all eyes, received a big ovation as Dilip Kumar -- one of India's top-notch film stars, who was also specially invited by The India League, sponsors of the Memorial Project -- introduced her at every concert as his "little sister" and as "a singer with the voice that defied description and definition".

Tribute after tribute, as also bouquets galore, came to Lata from many eminent personalities of England and India.

Then amid the ideal setting that matched her many-splendoured talent, Lata sang her songs with a seraphic impulse. She could demand and obtain the spontaneous surrender of her 18000and odd listeners -- and sent them home with gladdened hearts and nostalgic memories.

That is at once the singular distinction of the one and only Lata Mangeshkar..."the undisputed melody queen of India"..."the pint-sized bundle of musical genius"... "a singer with a moonlight in her throat"... "a legend in her lifetime"...

----------------------------------------­----------------------------- 1. (00:03:00) Lata Mangeshkar - Welcome speech by S.N. Gourisaria & J Silverman (MP)
2. (00:03:27) Lata Mangeshkar - Speech by Dilip Kumar
3. (00:01:02) Lata Mangeshkar - Shloka From Bhagvad Gita
4. (00:03:46) Lata Mangeshkar - Inhi Logon Ne - Pakeezah
5. (00:04:09) Lata Mangeshkar - Bahon Mein Chale Aao - Anamika
6. (00:03:19) Lata Mangeshkar - Mehndi Cha Panawar- Marathi geet
7. (00:03:35) Lata Mangeshkar - Tum Na Jane Kis Jahan Mein - Sazaa
8. (00:00:48) Lata Mangeshkar - Thandi Hawaen -Naujavan
9. (00:00:35) Lata Mangeshkar - Duniya Kare Sawal- Bahu Begum
10. (00:00:39) Lata Mangeshkar - Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya- Mughal-e-Azam
11. (00:00:35) Lata Mangeshkar - Baharen Phir Bhi Aaengi-Lahore
12. (00:03:34) Lata Mangeshkar - Na Milta Ghum- Amar
13. (00:04:12) Lata Mangeshkar - Roople Madhi Chhe- Gujarati Geet
14. (00:03:55) Lata Mangeshkar - Bekas Pe Karam Kijiye - Mughal-E-Azam
15. (00:06:40) Lata Mangeshkar - Yeh Zindagi Usiki Hai - Anarkali
16. (00:02:08) Lata Mangeshkar - Intro. by S.N. Gourisaria & speech by M. Foot (MP)
17. (00:03:22) Lata Mangeshkar - Bindiya Chamkegi - Do Raaste
18. (00:03:58) Lata Mangeshkar - Na Mono Laage Na- Bangali Song
19. (00:04:29) Lata Mangeshkar - Baharo Mera Jeevan- Aakhri Khat
20. (00:05:16) Lata Mangeshkar - Heer- Panjabi Song
21. (00:02:39) Lata Mangeshkar - Speech by Lata mangeshkar & Dilip Kumar
22. (00:05:35) Lata Mangeshkar - Aayega Aanewala - Mahal
23. (00:03:38) Lata Mangeshkar - Aaja Re Pardesi - Madhumati
24. (00:03:05) Lata Mangeshkar - Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil - Bees Saal Baad
25. (00:03:57) Lata Mangeshkar - Naina Barse Rim Jhim - Woh Kaun Thi
26. (00:05:49) Lata Mangeshkar - Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo- Patriotic Song